Sogetsu Ikebana

“Ikebana for everyone, anytime and anywhere” — Sogetsu School of Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, was founded by Sofu Teshigawara in 1926. Unlike the traditional Japanese flower arrangement, practiced by Buddhist monks according to a set of rules and formats, Sogetsu takes a free form in arranging flowers.  Hiroshi Teshigawara focused on expressing individuality in arrangements.  His contemporary style became popular when he held the first exhibition in 1928.  He pioneered using bamboo for his outdoor installations, demonstrating motion.

Akane Teshigawara is the fourth and current headmistress (Iemoto) of Sogetsu.  She has promoted the Sogetsu School to wider audiences by taking flower arranging to a theater.  “Iemoto Ikebana Live“, the theatrical presentation of flower arrangement, has been performed in Japan and all around the world.  By incorporating sound and lighting effects, it has taken arranging flowers to a whole new dimension of the art form.  Her dedication to teaching Ikebana has let her to inaugurate “Akane Junior Class“.  The class teaches children to build and develop artistic sense through interacting and composing flowers and plants.

To learn more about Sogetsu School of Ikebana, please visit the Sogetsu website.